Collection: Akita

If you are looking for unique Akita gifts printed in Australia – this collection is for you.  We have the best merchandise to show your love for our courageous and loyal companion.  This working dog will be with you for 10-13 years.  Your muscular Akita with its double coat comes from ancient Japan and is known for dignity, courage, and loyalty.  This protector of your family is also a symbol of good health, happiness, and long life.  The Akita may be wary of strangers, but he loves his family and will share his silly and affectionate side with you and close friends.  His erect ears and shining eyes make him appear alert at all times.

If you adore your Akita, let everyone know when you display our wonderful Akita-themed products. Whether you want Akita-related t-shirts, tote bags, coffee mugs, or other gifts, we’ve got great choices for you. Since we are constantly updating our stock, be sure to check back for new items frequently. We also do customizations – just ask!