Collection: Japanese Spitz

The Japanese Spitz is a loyal and funny little dog.  He loves to make you laugh and makes a wonderful companion for a good 12-14 years.  They love hanging out with the family and will go anywhere you go.  The always smiling Spitz is eager to learn so that he can please you.  They are easy to groom most of the year but when they shed their undercoat, they require frequent brushing and grooming.  They are easy going dogs that will adapt to farm life or a life in the city.  They need regular exercise but are happy to romp in the yard or to go on family walks and other excursions. 

We portray the majestic beauty of the Japanese Spitz on many of our items from t-shirts and tote bags to coffee cups.  Be sure to get your items that will show friends and family how much you adore your companion.