Collection: Beagle

If you are looking for unique Beagle Gifts printed in Australia - this collection is for you. While Beagles are smaller dogs (one variety is under 13 inches at the shoulder, the other is between 13 and 15 inches), they are packed with intelligence, loyalty, and good looks. These laid-back family companions are intense pack hunters and have the resounding voice common to most hounds who hunt. Their sweet faces, big brown or hazel eyes, and lovely coat colors make them very appealing and downright cute. Beagles do need plenty of exercise, so plan plenty of playtime as well as cuddle time.

If you adore your Beagle, let everyone know when you use our wonderful Beagle-themed products. Whether you want Beagle related t-shirts, tote bags, coffee mugs, or other gifts, we’ve got great choices for you. Since we are constantly updating our stock, be sure to check back for new items frequently.