Collection: Doberman

As a Doberman lover, you know that these dogs were bred in Germany as guard dogs but are also great family companions.  This is a very regal looking dog with a sleek coat and an athletic build.  Because they are so smart, they are often used for police and military work.  They also do well in canine sports.  Though many people believe they are fierce, they can be a gentle and loving dog if raised properly.  He enjoys being a part of the family and will protect those they love.  The 27-36 kg dog requires a lot of exercise so you have to have the time to devote to them.  They also enjoy mental challenges and providing them with that will help to keep them happy and loving companions.  This loyal and loving dog is playful and fun but will also be protective if he senses danger.  He learns fast and wants to keep seeing and doing new things.

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