Collection: Maltese Shih Tzu

This designer breed is a great choice for those who have allergies.  They have been bred to be small, allergy friendly companions.  The Maltese Shih Tzu is also known as the Mal-Shi, Malti Zu, and Malt-Tzu.  It has many names because of its hybrid status.  This tiny, low maintenance cuddle buddy is eager to please and a great dog who will live anywhere.  He is an intelligent and happy little dog who is easy to train making him a great family pet.  He loves all people and is very extroverted.  He loves to be around people rather than being alone.  This adaptable dog can live in a busy home or in a home that is quieter.  As long as he has a chance to exercise and play, he is a happy little companion.

The cute little Maltese Shih Tzu looks great on a cup or on a t-shirt.  That’s why we have created this custom line of products for Maltese Shih Tzu lovers.  Be sure to check out all of the merchandise available.