Collection: Cocker Spaniel

This capable bird dog has become more of a family companion.  This beautiful breed is cheerful and full of love for his family.  He always wants to please you.  Happy to snuggle on the couch or to have a romp in the yard, a life is richer with a Cocker Spaniel.  From the 1930s to the 1950s this was the number one breed registered with the AKC.  Though popularity declined, it rose again and the Cocker is still in the top 15 registered breeds.  This loving and gentle breed is sure to be the pride of your family.  This 9 to 13 kg breed can also be trained for the show ring and agility competitions.  He is also known to be a great therapy dog!  The breed requires some work since regular brushings are important and you need to take special care of his ears to maintain his health.  But the work is worth it, as you know.

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