Collection: Border Collie

Are you obsessed with Border Collie gifts? Border Collies are smart, attractive, energetic dogs that are affectionate with their human families but may be reserved with strangers. They are medium-sized (18 to 22 inches at the shoulder), come in rough and smooth coated varieties of various colors, and have beautiful almond shaped that express their intelligence. Like many herding dogs, Border Collies need a job, whether working or competing in dog sports, in order to be happy. Once the workday or competition is done, they are content to have some couch time and cuddling.

If you've got the energy to keep up with a Border Collie, we have plenty of products, from totes, t-shirts, mugs, and more cool gifts for Border Collie owners that will help you show your love for the breed. New products are being added all the time, and customized versions are available as well.