Collection: Yorkshire Terrier

Looking for an Australian gift shop for Yorkie owners? The Yorkshire Terriers are affectionate yet bossy creatures. They are characterized with glossy, silky, floor-length coat that makes them look more appealing to everyone. Many people who own this type of dog refer to them as “Yorkie.” The Yorkies may be small in appearance but they can wow dog lovers with their big personality. Behind the cuteness and daintiness of the Yorkshire Terriers is a bold, stubborn and adventurous quality. The Yorkies are primarily classified as indoor dogs. As such, they shall not be allowed to live outdoors.

If you’ve been blessed by having this amazing dog as ya part of your family, let the world know your feelings through our wide variety of gifts for Yorkie owners. Whether it’s a coffee comfy T-shirt, a mug for coffee drinkers, or a tote bag for everyday shopping, no doubt our unique products will impress everyone around you. Proudly printed in Australia.