Collection: Westie

The Westie, or West Highland Terrier, is a happy and energetic companion.  This 7-9 kg dog will be with you for 13-15 years.  The smart, confident, and entertaining dog has been around for over 300 years.  He may be small but he is mighty.  At 25-28 cm in height, he has dark eyes and a compact body.  Westies are not dogs that need to be pampered.  They are self-reliant and independent.  That means that training them can be challenging but owners who love Westies are up for it.  They are also faithful and intelligent so owners who are ready for the challenge can train a Westie as long as the owner has some patience.  Westies are a no-nonsense dog that anyone can love.

Show your love for your Westie with the items we have available.  From shirts and bags to coffee cups, we have captured the beauty of this dog.